Meetup 06-2016 Minutes


The last meetup before the summer break concluded the igraph session with a talk by Rainer. Mario summed up his impressions from the R/Finance 2016 conference.

Meetup 04-2016 Minutes


This meetup included an extensive Text Mining in R session with an Introduction to tm by Ingo Feinerer and a talk about Text Mining with Hadoop by Stefan Theussl.

Meetup 01-2016 Minutes

The goal of this tutorial was to demonstrate how to use Apache SparkR for analyzing large-scale datasets in R. For demo purposes data extracted from the Bitcoin blockchain were used to produce a time series plot similar to this one.

Meetup 11-2015 Minutes

During the last meetup a few interesting ideas/discussions came up like interactive visualizations of Open Government Data, Geocoding APIs, datasets and Hadoop vs Spark. During the second part of the meetup Mateuz held a great talk covering R-package creation, Github and CI.

Meetup 11-2015

The next R-meetup is around the corner on Tuesday 24th (currently 6 spots left) at Goldenes Lamm with a presentation of a few project ideas and first results. Finally we will have a nice talk about setting up R-packages on Github by Mateusz Zoltak.

Meetup 10-2015 Minutes, Kick-Off!


After a fruitful discussion regarding the future direction of the R User Group just a little summary of the HOT topics. The discussion started with a very nice and detailed introduction of new ViennaR participants and was followed by an interesting and—as expected and encouraged—controversial discussion about project goals, project management and topics.

Meetup 10-2015

Main focus this time will be to discuss future directions/projects for ViennaR:

  1. Our goal is to define R-package(s) organized as Github project(s) that can be realised within a timeframe of approx. one year resulting in CRAN release
  2. Agree on the main areas (project streams) - not more than 2, max. 3
  3. Brainstorm on potential project and/or package ideas
  4. Decide on project leads, team members respectively form of collaboration (fork & pull vs. shared repo), type of license (GPL?), etc.

  5. Evaluate interest in active preparation of short analytical topics (monthly or bi-monthly) to be worked off individually or in groups (alternative: as a hackathon)
    e.g. run a short analysis on some topic based on publicly available data; present these @ meetup, compare approaches to project solution.