The following project streams have been selected and coordinators assigned:

Presentation R-Package Setup on Github

Mateusz will give us an interesting introduction on Git(hub) and how to create and manage R-packages. The talk will cover the following points:

  1. How to set up a git repository.
  2. How create a basic R-package (or package.skeleton).
  3. Set up continous integration using platforms like Travis, Appveyor or Wercker.
  4. Set up code coverage using Codecov, Coveralls.
  5. Explain all those colourful badges ;)


  • Determine next dates (with Matthias)
  • Manage user access, contributions to Blog

Like in previous Meetups we are happy to have some presentations of ViennaR participants. Just drop us a mail that you are planning a presentation during one of the next meetups. Any suggestions like fixed discussion topics, e.g. book presentations, new R packages around, etc. are highly welcome. Just let us know!