Meetup 06-2016 Minutes


The last meetup before the summer break concluded the igraph session with a talk by Rainer. Mario summed up his impressions from the R/Finance 2016 conference.

Meetup 04-2016 Minutes


This meetup included an extensive Text Mining in R session with an Introduction to tm by Ingo Feinerer and a talk about Text Mining with Hadoop by Stefan Theussl.

Wordcloud Wienerwald

**Wordcloud** \
*Ödön von Horvath - Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald*

After a very nice hands-on introduction in yesterday’s Vienna R meetup meeting from Mario Annau, I created an example of textmining ending with a wordcloud. As the blog is called ViennaR, I chose to use a play strongly related to Vienna - Ödön von Horváth - Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald.

Meetup 01-2016 Minutes

The goal of this tutorial was to demonstrate how to use Apache SparkR for analyzing large-scale datasets in R. For demo purposes data extracted from the Bitcoin blockchain were used to produce a time series plot similar to this one.

Meetup 11-2015 Minutes

During the last meetup a few interesting ideas/discussions came up like interactive visualizations of Open Government Data, Geocoding APIs, datasets and Hadoop vs Spark. During the second part of the meetup Mateuz held a great talk covering R-package creation, Github and CI.

Meetup 11-2015

The next R-meetup is around the corner on Tuesday 24th (currently 6 spots left) at Goldenes Lamm with a presentation of a few project ideas and first results. Finally we will have a nice talk about setting up R-packages on Github by Mateusz Zoltak.

Bike Parking Lots in Vienna

Another addition to the OpenGovernmentVienna repo by Christian Brandstaetter showing the density of bike parking lots in Vienna.

The script executes the following steps:

  1. Download Vienna map including district boundaries and bike parking lots from
  2. Plot two Vienna maps showing bike parking lots and density per district.

Meetup 10-2015 Minutes, Kick-Off!


After a fruitful discussion regarding the future direction of the R User Group just a little summary of the HOT topics. The discussion started with a very nice and detailed introduction of new ViennaR participants and was followed by an interesting and—as expected and encouraged—controversial discussion about project goals, project management and topics.

Meetup 10-2015

Main focus this time will be to discuss future directions/projects for ViennaR:

  1. Our goal is to define R-package(s) organized as Github project(s) that can be realised within a timeframe of approx. one year resulting in CRAN release
  2. Agree on the main areas (project streams) - not more than 2, max. 3
  3. Brainstorm on potential project and/or package ideas
  4. Decide on project leads, team members respectively form of collaboration (fork & pull vs. shared repo), type of license (GPL?), etc.

  5. Evaluate interest in active preparation of short analytical topics (monthly or bi-monthly) to be worked off individually or in groups (alternative: as a hackathon)
    e.g. run a short analysis on some topic based on publicly available data; present these @ meetup, compare approaches to project solution.