Meetup 10-2015 Minutes, Kick-Off!

Next meetup announcement with more features and collaboration.

October 21, 2015

After a fruitful discussion regarding the future direction of the R User Group just a little summary of the HOT topics. The discussion started with a very nice and detailed introduction of new ViennaR participants and was followed by an interesting and—as expected and encouraged—controversial discussion about project goals, project management and topics.


Our goal is to have monthly Meetups. Currently they are scheduled by the end of each month, however, this may change depending on the availability of the room. A big thank you to Matthias who makes this Meetup at the Institute of Computational Statistics [1] possible!

[1] At the legendary Goldenes Lamm, birthplace at/of e1071.


Like in previous Meetups we are happy to have some presentations of ViennaR participants. Just drop us a mail that you are planning a presentation during one of the next meetups. We would also be happy to invite some guest speakers from time to time.


To have an even more collaborative experience during ViennaR Meetups plan to have different projects on our Github page. It should be manageable to have up to 5 people working on specific projects with an expected duration of about 3 Months. The following project streams have been selected and coordinators assigned:

We will use the Meetup Discussion Forum to futher elaborate on Project ideas.

Other Topics

We would also be happy to have some other fixed discussion topics, e.g. book presentations, new R packages around, etc… Just let us know!

Next Steps

For the next meetup we are planning a short Git(hub) and R package dev intro (Mario) and hope that each assigned coordinator can give us a little heads up of her topic.

Looking forward to see you at the next meetup in November!