Meetup 06-2016 Minutes

June 2016 Meetup Minutes - Holiday Season!

June 28, 2016

The last meetup before the summer break concluded the igraph session with a talk by Rainer. Mario summed up his impressions from the R/Finance 2016 conference.

Rainer Stuetz: igraph Applications

Rainer presented interesting igraph applications with an example to extract (clean) subnetworks, e.g. motorways, from the Austrian graph integration platform. The routing graph was parsed using the readr package and pre-processed with dplyr. For the extraction of the subnetworks, shortest path algorithms from igraph were used.

Mario Annau: R/Finance 2016 Impressions

Mario summed up his impressions on the last R/Finance conference including a small mashup presentation.


  • Next Meetup: September 27th, check meetup page.
  • Ideas for projects / talks:
    • Finance related, forecasting
    • Fraud detection, e.g. Panama papers (
    • Company database
    • Visualization tutorial covering ggplot2
  • For further comments and suggestions for projects and talks just drop a mail at!


The first satRday conference is taking place in Budapest on September 3rd 2016. Thanks to sponsor support (e.g. the conference is quite cheap (10-30€).