Meetup 2020-02-25 Minutes




March 5, 2020

For the first 2020 meetup we gathered in late February, just days before R’s official 20 year birthday.
The great location this time was IBM Austria’s headoffice in the heart of Vienna and drinks and snacks were generously provided by the hosts.

TALK ONE (Thomas, Thomas and Rudolf)

The first presentation was held by IBM’s own (and ViennaR meetup member) Thomas [Strehl], Thomas [Weinrich] and Rudolf [Pailer].

The talk focused on how R based machine learning can be brought into an enterprise environment. Starting from organizational and security related challenges, the industry proven CRSIP-DM model was used as a workhorse to apply MLOps principles to a REST API based machine learning architecture. The CRISPML sample implementation demonstrated rshiny and plumber docker images deployed to a kubernetes cluster on a tekton pipeline, and a performance testing setup including k6/loadimpact, influxdb and grafana. The slides including screenshots of the demo can be found at REnterprise.

TALK TWO (Mario)

The second speaker was Mario Annau (Founder and CEO of Quantargo). Mario introduced us to a different approach towards R in production without the need for Docker containers.
His first solution he was showing was RStudio Connect which also covers the deployment process via one push button functionality from the RStudio Editor.
He finished his talk with a gentle introduction to QBits to deploy R functions based on serverless technologies within seconds.

Thanks again everyone for attending and IBM for being such great hosts. Hope to see you all again soon at our next Meetup in March.